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iam developing an app in which, images are to be scrolled on touchesmove i.e, swipping left /right.

I also have to display previous and next images beside present image in protrait mode.

I have seen the covertFlow sample, which is very close to my app, but i want it in horizontal mode. Please suggest me how can i acheive it , links related to it can also be helpful for me..

thanks in advance.

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Well how about taking the open source CoverFlow implementation and modify it to work in portrait mode?

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ok,, i will try CoverFlow implementation –  SriPriya Nov 2 '10 at 4:08

You can get sample code in this tapku Library

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I solved my query and it is working without using any libraries.

I used the concept of lazyloading to download images, and i placed the images in scrollview which helps to scroll the images.

The following link used to load images asynchronously.


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