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with the below code, I'm able to add a page fragment to an other page. The page contains a form to be posted to a certain action method.

$("#ul-menu a").click(function () {
   $.get($(this).attr("href"), function (response) {
        $("#dialog-div div").replaceWith($(response));
    return false;

Instead of having the form anywhere in the page, I'd like to get it as a modal JQueryUI dialog.

How can I do that.

Thanks for helping.

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This will work for you. Also, I've added a better method of preventing the original click. Instead of returning false, which kills all bubbling, you should use event.preventDefault();

$("#ul-menu a").click(function (event) {
    $.get($(this).attr("href"), function (response) {
        $(response).dialog({ modal : true });
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You don't even need to insert the response into the page.

You can just do this:

var myDialog = $(response).dialog();


Not the above snippet won't create a modal dialog, I assumed you know you need to pass in { modal: true } as part of your configuration.

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