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Where in the Kohana framework can I find out the version information?

Everything I look at in the tutorials opposes to what I view in my application. I believe this to be a version issue as the methods and calls are slightly different between the documentation and my install.

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At least for versions >= 3.0, the version number for Kohana is located in system/classes/kohana/core.php.

It will be in this form:

// Release version and codename
const VERSION  = '3.2.0';

Since that's just a constant, you can access it through php with Kohana::VERSION.

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I don't know what Kohana version you're referring to (maybe v2.X), but this is not correct for v3.X, the current stable branch. –  Alejandro Iglesias Aug 11 '11 at 21:25

Check out these constants in the Kohana class:

// Release version and codename
const VERSION  = '3.0.8';
const CODENAME = 'großen jäger';

So Kohana::VERSION and Kohana::CODENAME.

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The file you are looking for is system/classes/kohana/core.php.

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For Kohana 2.x look for KOHANA_VERSION in system/core/Bootstrap.php

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