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In MongoDB, if I were to store an array (say ["red", "blue"]) in a field "color", does it index "red" and "blue" so I could query for "red", for example, or does in make {"red", "blue"} a composite index?

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When it comes to indexing arrays, MongoDB indexes each value of the array so you can query for individual items, such as "red." For example:

>{'colors': ['red','blue']})
> db.col1.ensureIndex({'colors':1})

> db.col1.find({'colors': 'red'})
{ "_id" : ObjectId("4ccc78f97cf9bdc2a2e54ee9"), "colors" : [ "red", "blue" ] }
> db.col1.find({'colors': 'blue'})
{ "_id" : ObjectId("4ccc78f97cf9bdc2a2e54ee9"), "colors" : [ "red", "blue" ] }

For more information, check out MongoDB's documentation on Multikeys:

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is it possible to search for a partial array like for ("colors" : [ "red", "blue" , "green"]), can i have a search for ("colors" : [ "red", "blue" ]) or I have to do them individually? – Gaurav Abbi Dec 18 '15 at 9:06
@GauravAbbi - I think that works, but mongo will only use the index to find the first array key. After that it's scanning that set of documents for those matching the rest of the keys. – Mnebuerquo Feb 6 at 15:55
What considerations would be taken to use multikey indexes as apposed to a compound index. for instance an index describing a main color and a secondary color ? – eran otzap Mar 14 at 21:08

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