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I'm trying to insert a player on a Facebook Page tab with FBML with fb:swf. I have the following:

  height="430" />

I can see the video, no problem. It plays inside a FLVPlayback component, which uses a skin (referred by /player/skinName.swf, I tried also the absolute path here). This player works perfectly everywhere else (even on an iframe Facebook application, where it's not inserted using the fb:swf tag, but with object, of course). However, I can't see the skin on the Page tab.

Any ideas?

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Check the html that is generated by the <fb:swf/> tag. Maybe the generated code add some attributes to the <object>/<embed> which restrain its access to external sources, somehow.

Also, you have access to the skin's server, I suppose. Check if there is any request to the skin file (this may help with debugging).

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Have you tried capturing the response to the /player/skinName.swf request in Firebug? If so what is the status? 404? 403? Is it not even requested but a crossdomain.xml request returns 404? I think you might be able more accurately debug using these.

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