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I want to store a list names and individual nicknames for each name as an Enum in Java. The number of nicknames will not vary. The purpose is to be able to get a full name from a nickname. Currently I have implemented this like so:

public enum Names {

    ELIZABETH(new String[] {"Liz","Bet"}),    

    private String[] nicknames;

    private Names(String[] nicknames)
        this.nicknames = nicknames

    public Names getNameFromNickname(String nickname) {
       //Obvious how this works

I quite dislike having to repeat new String[] {...}, so I wondered if anyone could suggest an alternative, more concise, method of implementing this?



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Vararg parameters:

private Names(String... nicknames) {

Now you can invoke constructor without explicitly creating array:

ELIZABETH("Liz", "Bet", "another name")

Details (see "Arbitrary Number of Arguments" section)

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