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Hey, so I have some html ok, and inside it there's a couple of images. What I want to do is retrieve the location of the first image from the html. (get the first images url)

How can I do this in PHP?


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Checkout the Simple HTML DOM Parser class you can put to use for that.

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I would suggest taking a look at, DOMDocument.

Once you load the HTML into a DOMDocument you can easily traverse through the file and retrieve the first image url.


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You COULD use a regular expression (though html is NOT technically regex parseable as its not... regular): Read in the contents of the file, then use a regular expression to hopefully find the img tag and extract the src attribute. Definitely not the best solution, but a technically possible solution. I don't really recommend this.

Outside of that you may want to look into a PHP Document Object Model parser and find the first image node.

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