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In Rails 2 I know of a few plugins for enumerations such as acts_as_enumeration and enumerate_by but they don't seem to be maintained or updated for Rails 3. Preferably, the solution would store the enum in memory rather than a database for performance reasons but really any method would be useful since it can always be cached.

I did find enumerated_attribute that claims to work with Rails 3 but quite honestly I don't like the API and was hoping for another good solution.

(Sorry for only linking to the one plugin but it won't let me post more than one link until I get a higher reputation)

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I am currently using lwe's simple_enum which seems to be actively developed and stores values on memory or if you prefer on a table.

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Sorry for such a late reply... I haven't had a chance to dive into writing the code yet for this project but this looks like a pretty good solution. Thanks! –  Jon Dean Dec 1 '10 at 20:51

If you're using DataMapper as your ORM have a look at dm-types which includes an Enum type.

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There is this gem, enumerate_it, it has good documentation and very well done!

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