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Could you please help me for this matter?

I have 3 matrices, P (Power), T (Temperature) and H (Humidity)

every matrix has 31 columns (days) and there are 24 rows for every column

which are the data for the March of year 2000, i.e.

for example, the matrix P has 31 columns where every column represents

a day data for Power through 24 hours and the same idea is for T and H

I tried to write a MATLAB program that accomplish my goal but

It gave me errors.

My aim is:

In the MATLAB command window, the program should ask the user the following phrase:

Please enter the day number of March, 2000 from 1 to 31:

And I know it is as follows:

Name=input (Please enter the day number of March, 2000 from 1 to 31:)

Then, when, for example, number 5 is entered, the result shown is a matrix containing the following:

1st column: The day name or it can be represented by numbers

2nd column: simple numbers from 1 to 24 representing the hours for that day

3rd column: the 24 points of P of that day extracted from the original P (the column number 5 of the original P)

4th column: the 24 points of T of that day extracted from the original T (the column number 5 of the original T)

5th column: the 24 points of H of that day extracted from the original H (the column number 5 of the original H)

Any help will be highly appreciated,


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Here is what you ask for:

% some sample data
P = rand(24,31);
T = rand(24,31);
H = rand(24,31);
% input day number
daynum=input('Please enter the day number of March, 2000 from 1 to 31: ');
[r, c] = size(P);
% generate output matrix
OutputMatrix = zeros(r,5);
OutputMatrix(:,1) = repmat(weekday(datenum(2000,3,daynum)),r,1);
OutputMatrix(:,2) = 1:r;
OutputMatrix(:,3) = P(:,daynum);
OutputMatrix(:,4) = T(:,daynum);
OutputMatrix(:,5) = H(:,daynum);

The matrix can be generated in a one line, but this way is clearer.

Is it always for March 2000? :) Where do you get this information from?

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Thanks for this help. Actually, I have a huge data for many years but this is only a sample. This is related to my master thesis works. But how now if we want to make the program wider, I mean take the whole year rather than a single month, then do as above but now pressing a month number then a day number, and finally plot the resultant P vs index (24 hours ) for the selected day. – user488182 Oct 30 '10 at 22:14
Thanks a lot. The program is perfect, but the first column should represent the day name , Monday or tuesday, ...etc, it is not the day number. regards – user488182 Oct 30 '10 at 22:20
How your data is organized? Or do you need an advice how to organize the data? What is your MATLAB experience? Cause nobody will do the whole project for you. – yuk Oct 30 '10 at 22:25
Ah, you need weekday. Replace OutputMatrix(:,1) = repmat(weekday(datenum(2000,3,daynum)),r,1); (Sunday is 1). – yuk Oct 30 '10 at 22:41
The above example you wrote helped me alot and I will try to modify it to make a wider analysis, I am not expert in Matlab but at least I have some experience and background in writing programs. and for a sample only I asked about one month, then I will try to apply the same as your idea to choose a month from the year, then choose a day from that month. regards – user488182 Oct 30 '10 at 22:48

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