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I'm having problems with the visual studio 2010 editor. Since today, visual studio won't underline errors anymore if i use #define like so:

#ifndef TEST_H
#define TEST_H
class foo{

If i remove the defining commands, the errors show up.

The weird thing is, I have other files in my project with the exact same setup and error underlining works just fine in those but not the new files that I'm creating?

I have tried resetting settings and re-installing but none of it helps.

I have also tried doing this in other projects and I have the same issue.

Just wondering if anyone had a similar issue and can shed some light on this? Thanks for your time.

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The cause for this isn't an exact science, and I've seen/experienced it before. In my case, dumping the intellisense database fixed it.

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Thanks for your reply however this doesnt seem to fix my problem. I also want to note that if i change the #define to anything except the #ifndef name, the errors are underlined again. –  eri23 Oct 30 '10 at 22:20

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