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I am trying to present a modal view in a tabbar app. I am using the code

- (IBAction)newView
 [self.viewController presentModalViewController:viewController 

linked to a button. When the button is pressed, nothing happens and nothing is displayed on the log. This is most likely simple to fix, but I have not found anything that has worked yet.


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It's hard to tell what's wrong if you don't provide more code and context. Of what class is "self" of, is "viewController" the UITabBarController? –  Phlibbo Oct 30 '10 at 22:24
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Use this and you rock:

[self presentModalViewController:viewController animated:YES];
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Thanks. I'm new to using modal views, so maybe you can help me with this: With the new code, my app is crashing when the action is run. This is the log message: Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: 'Application tried to present a nil modal view controller on target. Thank you for your help. –  MN. Oct 31 '10 at 0:17
You have to init the viewcontroller first: viewController = [[myViewControllerClass alloc] init]; –  user142019 Oct 31 '10 at 0:33
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