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i want to share something with a specific group of people.

the way i want to do it is: before the page is loaded , i prompt a question to the viewer , if the answer is right , then the page is loaded, if the answer is wrong , the user is turn to the warning page.(i want to avoid the registration process, a specific question is ok)

but there is a problem with this : every time the page is reloaded , the user have to type the answer again?

is there anyway that i can avoid this ?

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(I assume you don't know how sessions work because you look new to StackOverflow) No, PHP (or other modern server technologies like ASP) have a session system that allows multiple users be online at same time. The server stores session variables in files, one per user. See http://ca2.php.net/manual/en/intro.session.php

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You might also be interested in using Apache's .htaccess files to control access: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/howto/auth.html

(for questions about using .htaccess, check ServerFault)

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First, I wouldn't recommend your approach for anything more than a trivial scenario. That being said, you would want to write a page that serves as your security page. On postback, validate the answer, set a session variable, and redirect to the protected page. The protected page should do a check during its load on that same session variable and redirect to the security page if the user has not answered the security question.

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