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Possible Duplicate:
Haskell Error: Couldn't match expected type Integer' against inferred typeInt'

How can I convert Int to Integer in Haskell?

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See also stackoverflow.com/questions/2301523/… – Don Stewart May 2 '11 at 21:00
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There is a toInteger function you can use.

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in haskell please – marco Oct 31 '10 at 3:55
@marco: Yes, in Haskell. – sth Oct 31 '10 at 3:56
@marco, @sth: lol – ta.speot.is Oct 31 '10 at 5:08

fromIntegral is a good generic way to convert any Integral value into any other Integeral. But as sth said, toInteger works for the case of converting specifically to an Integer.

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also, you can use fromIntegral (since Int is an Integral)

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