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I want to create a new project and I'm studing diferent web frameworks In StackOverFlow there are diferent threads of tapestry but it talks about Tapestry 4 or old Tapestry 5.0.8

What about tapestry 5.2, what do you think about it ?

Thanks in advance

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I use Tapestry 5.1 on a daily basis and I would use it (or now 5.2) for any future Java project.


  • With Hibernate integration, CRUD apps and any typical form handling is extremely simple.
  • Dynamic class re-loading means you rarely have to restart your server during development. This has been supposedly improved even more in 5.2.
  • No abstract classes to inherit and for typical usage, no interfaces to implement.
  • TML (Tapestry Markup Language) is nice; generates clean html, forces separation of view and behavior.


  • Documentation for extending the framework is lacking.
  • The internals are difficult to understand; sometimes you just do what the doc says and it works, but you don't really understand why.

Most of the negative things you hear will be leftover from Tapestry 3 and 4 which were not nearly as clean as T5. T5 also broke compatibility which made a lot of people mad. But if you're evaluating a framework purely on the merits of the current version, I highly recommend it.

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Hi, Brian! The new documentation is online now. To understand the internals, you need to understand Tapestry-IoC, as Tapestry uses it heavily. As a consequence, you can decorate, advise or even override almost anything in the framework easily. Tapestry 5 and beyond has a very strong commitment to backward compatibility, something that drives most of its architecture. – Thiago H. de Paula Figueiredo Nov 25 '10 at 1:46
@Thiago Do you mean that an upgrade from 5.0.8 to 5.2 goes flaswlessly? Would you mind adding a pointer to the said documentation? Thanks. – ringø Dec 4 '10 at 17:08

Go ahead directly to Tapestry 5.2. It's beta now and this version will probably be the release one with few or no modifications, none of the backward-incompatible.

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i've been using t5.1 for a while now and it's much better than earlier versions (t4 etc). the best concepts from t4 are there but the improvements are extreme. code becomes much cleaner and there seems to always be a 'better way' to do something.

as mentioned the only con is the documentation.

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