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How do I disable CLS compliance checking?

How can I do it for:

  1. The entire assembly
  2. A smaller scope, maybe one file or one class...
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You can use the CLSCompliant attribute to explicitly mark an assembly or type, e.g.

For an assembly, add the following line in AssemblyInfo.cs

[assembly: CLSCompliant(false)]

For a class

public class Foo

You can also use it for specific type members (methods, properties, etc.) in a similar manner.

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You could use the [CLSCompliant(false)] attribute.

Quote from the doc:

You can apply the CLSCompliantAttribute attribute to the following program elements: assembly, module, class, struct, enum, constructor, method, property, field, event, interface, delegate, parameter, and return value. However, the notion of CLS compliance is only meaningful for assemblies, modules, types, and members of types, not parts of a member signature. Consequently, CLSCompliantAttribute is ignored when applied to parameter or return value program elements.

There's also possibility to supress compiler warnings.

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