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I'm looking for feedbacks regarding performances using WCF with amf.

Here's an old benchmark which doesn't use WCF :

I'm aiming to few hundred/thousand concurrent connections at the same time.
I think there's an overhead using WCF, but I would like to know to what extent if anyone has already test WCF through WebOrb using AMF behavior ?

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From experience I can tell you that your bottleneck is going to be IIS. WPF won't really act any differently than any other client-side technology that uses amf3. Everything is going to depend upon your server resources.

1) Google "IIS Concurrent Requests".

2) Refine your global.asax so that it isn't a slow-me-down sand-pit.

Best of luck, Jeremy

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Not WPF, I'm talking about WCF (Unified web services) – Breakdown Nov 3 '10 at 11:05
Yo. Yeah, IIS is still going to be your hurdle. We have six server instances sitting behind a load balancer. Those instances (sitting on a $1Mil server we purchased a couple of years ago) act as pretty high-end machines... things start slowing down when one IIS instance hits 100 concurrent connections with each one cranking out a complex request. Your difficulties will be different that ours, but finding exact metrics for your server's capabilities will be difficult. That said, if your server-side methods are light, you probably won't hit too many limits. Things should be screamin' fast! – jeremy.mooer Nov 3 '10 at 16:40

If IIS is the performance hurdle as Jeremy suggests, is there an opportunity for you to run your application as a self-hosted service? Here is a document that will show you how in case you can run it that way.

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I guess my question is more, how much does WCF weight on performances (overhead etc..) in comparison with simple invokation – Breakdown Apr 13 '11 at 17:50

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