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I'm using the entity framework code first CTP4.

Is it possible to lazy load non navigation properties like you can in NH 3.

A common example would be having a table containing a binary column. I only want to retrieve this column's data when I explicitly ask for that property in my code e.g. image.ImageData

Thanks Ben

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Just a guess. There is a Table Splitting approach, maybe it will help: thedatafarm.com/blog/data-access/… –  Devart Nov 1 '10 at 12:42
Yes this is what we used to do with NH before support for lazy loaded properties was added. Looks like the same will be true of EF code first. –  Ben Foster Nov 5 '10 at 12:18

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  1. Vote here
  2. Vote here
  3. Read this
  4. Ugly workaround:

    public static void Main()
      IEnumerable<MyTable> table;
      using (Entities context = new Entities())
        var buffer =
          .Select(myTable => new
            Id = myTable.Id,
            OtherColumn = myTable.OtherColumn
        table = buffer
          .Select(t => new MyTable 
            Id = t.Id, 
            OtherColumn = t.OtherColumn

This will not select the rest of the fields.

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