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How can the platformRequest method defined in MIDP 2.1 JSR be used to open a video on a Nokia 6212 Classic?

The Forum Nokia Library states:

In Series 40, native applications are launched with platformRequest(localapp method. The following opens the Photos folder in Gallery.


Currently I have tried the following (and more):

I did make sure the resource as availble at the location given as the folder argument.

platformRequest("localapp://gallery/show?folder=C:/Gallery/Video Clips/Material.mp4");
platformRequest("localapp://gallery/show?folder=C:/gallery/video clips/material.mp4");

For testing purposes to open an image I tried,

platformRequest("localapp://gallery/show?folder=C:/Gallery/Images/Image001.jpg"); //Gallery.

platformRequest("localapp://gallery/show?folder=C:/predefgallery/predefphotos") //Failed as well :-(

All fail with the following error message.

ConnectionNotFoundException: Invalid URL.

It is obivious what the problem is but I cannot determine the correct way to tell the phone where a file is and what to open it with using the URL.

(I have asked the question on the Nokia Forum but to no avail. )

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Is your application signed for the Manufacturer or Operator domain? Quote from the Forum Nokia Library:

Start local application. In Series 40, only allowed for manufacturer and operator MIDlets. In Symbian Java all domains work but only some applications are supported.

The 6212 is a Series 40 device. Although I wouldn't expect a ConnectionNotFoundException (rather a SecurityException), this won't work unless you have you midlet Manufacturer/Operator signed.

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its been tesed in signed and unsigned –  Graham Nov 3 '10 at 17:09
Signed specifically for the Manufacturer or Operator domain? –  KevinD Nov 4 '10 at 14:48

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