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I'm running some queries in PL/SQL Developer, and one of the columns in the result has 18-digit numbers. Instead of displaying the entire number in the resulting grid, PL/SQL Developer displays only 15 digits in scientific notation.

I tried to find a way to change this in the preferences of the program, so that I'll see the entire number, just like set numwidth does in SQL*Plus. But my search was futile.

How do I change this setting?

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Turns out this is possible!!!

Tools -> Preferences -> SQL Window -> Number fields to_char

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Use to_char, then you get the all the numbers:

select to_char ( t.reference_nr), t.reference_nr from rss_ing_cc_imp t
1   95209140353000001009592 9,5209140353E22
2   25546980354901372045601 2,55469803549014E22
3   75203220356000583867347 7,52032203560006E22
4   25546980357904327000017 2,55469803579043E22
5   95209140358000000700337 9,5209140358E22
6   95209140359000000596387 9,5209140359E22
7   25546980361131086003511 2,55469803611311E22
8   25546980361901390031808 2,55469803619014E22
9   85207130362051881964326 8,52071303620519E22
10  95209140363000000634885 9,5209140363E22
11  25546980364131099000436 2,55469803641311E22
12  95209141001000001006196 9,5209141001E22
13  85207131001100892094030 8,52071310011009E22
14  75203221001000590476576 7,52032210010006E22
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I guess this is the best you can get. Thank you very much, @RiKl! I've been waiting for an answer for ages :) –  Ilya Kogan Jan 17 '11 at 6:39

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