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I have the following regexp (/\?(.*?)\&/) which when I use it in the following javascript code it removes the "?" from the replacement result.


The beginning href value is this...


I get this as my result right now...


I would like to get this...


How would I modify the Regexp to do this

Thanks for you help.

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To do it properly, you'll need a regex lookbehind, however this should work in your case:

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LOL, wow that was simple, feel silly I couldn't think of that. THX!!! – user357034 Oct 31 '10 at 15:56
Remember that a minimal match doesn't preclude matching the earlier part again; eg, "foo?bar?glarch&done" would become "foo?done". It's possible that /\?([^?&]*)&/ will work better, and certain that it will work faster. Pity Javascript doesn't allow /x though. – tchrist Oct 31 '10 at 16:15

Put a question mark in the replacement substring:


If, say, the character can be something else than a question mark as well (say maybe a slash is a possibility), and you need to preserve which one it is, you can use a capturing group:


Lookbehinds are not supported in JavaScript regexes.

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