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im programmer in PHP, AS2, AS3 and others, i want to develop a flash application for facebook, i know a litle bit about how to start with the API configuration and that kind of thinks, i know how to integrate PHP scripts with flash (but in AS2).

So, i cant find a good (and simple) example of an app made in flash (AS3) who integrates with the facebook api and do some simple stuff like return the pictures of yours friends...

Well, i think you guys can help me with this, thanks! and sorry about my english.

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Look also in "Tour de Flex" (aplication tutorial for Flash/Flex/AIR) that has running code demostration of FaceBook API from Flash...

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You can use Adobe solution for communication with Facebook, here is the main page: Adobe Flash and Facebook.

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I've written a tutorial on how to achieve connection with Facebook from within Flash using just native ActionScript3 and the Facebook PHP SDK:

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