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I have seen many people asking this but not a clear answer. I guess that it would depend on each case, so here is my situation:

My application performs encryption and decryption using the methods provided by the default JRE installation. I decided to use Bouncy Castle (BC) as a provider, so I would need to include their jars in my application. The problem is that my application is less than 20 Kb in size, so including a 1.6 Mb third party jar would definitely be overkill.

I do not use any type of IDE and I can't think of any way I could possibly include just the classes that are used by the third party library. I tried to play around with one-jar but it seems to need to include the entire jar, so: how could I overcome this problem?

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What is the reason to use bounty castle against sticking with implementations provided by the jre? –  Pangea Oct 31 '10 at 16:25
for the use of strong encryption (256 length key) and the implementations of twofish and serpent –  omtinez Nov 6 '10 at 18:51

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Your sole concern seems to be the JAR's file size and the need to remove unused classes. In that case, you can use ProGuard for this.

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