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I finally had success compiling a "blank" Apache module, but now I've hit a rather annoying snag.

I want to communicate with a MongoDB server and I opted for the only lib around for FreePascal/Lazarus, pebongo.

Dependency for pebongo is synapse.

Somehow I'm getting "/usr/lib/apache2/modules/ undefined symbol: WSRegisterCustomImageList" when loading my module into Apache.

I've tracked down the symbols onto Menus.pp, I think, and lazarusall(something) also plays a role in this. Again, I think :)

How should I avoid those WSRegister* symbols showing up?

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After some Googling about the WSRegister* symbols, I've found here a solution.

If you are doing a console program you should remove dependencies of LCL or add the Interfaces Unit into your main program.

I've done it by including Interfaces on the parent unit that I can edit, since placing it on the main program of a lib will not do it.

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