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I am trying to find a regex that will return true if a string ends with jaxws.managed but does not contain delegate.

For example:

abc/delegate/xyz/jaxws/managed should return false, while

abc/def/xyz/jaxws/managed should return true

I tried using the regex


but it fails.

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What language ? –  ysth Oct 31 '10 at 17:56

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You should specify what regex engine you're using.


return false if it contains "delegate" anywhere: /delegate/; -> return false

if we don't return, and it ends in "jaxws/managed", return true: /jaxws\/managed$/; -> return true

if you're using Perl, I suggest applying m{} instead of // to avoid the "leaning toothpick syndrome". Refer to perlre for more information.

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Assuming Java regex,

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