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I want to return a .JSON from a PHP script, do I just echo the result? Do I have to set header content-types?

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While you're usually fine without it, you can and should set the Content-Type header:

$data = /** whatever you're serializing **/;
header('Content-Type: application/json');
echo json_encode($data);

If I'm not using a particular framework, I usually allow some request params to modify the output behavior. It can be useful, generally for quick troubleshooting, to not send a header, or sometimes print_r the data payload to eyeball it (though in most cases, it shouldn't be necessary).

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just in case: you should use header() commands only in addition with output buffering to avoid "headers already sent" warnings –  Kevin Horst Jul 2 at 16:51
It's good practice to always put your header() statements as far to the top of the page as possible so that when you add more code, you aren't tempted to insert code before the header() statement which could break things if you start outputting. –  Mikepote Oct 13 at 13:17
The php file have to be encoded in UTF-8 without BOM :) –  Krzysztof Kalinowski Nov 20 at 14:57

Try json_encode to encode the data and set the content-type with header('Content-type: application/json');.

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Set the content type with header('Content-type: application/json'); and then echo your data.

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The answer to your question is here,

It says.

The MIME media type for JSON text is application/json.

so if you set the header to that type, and output your JSON string, it should work.

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Yeah, you'll need to use echo to display output. Mimetype: application/json

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For newbies, a complete piece of nice and clear PHP code returning json is:

$data1 = array( 'a', 'b', 'c' );
$data2 = array( 'name' => 'God', 'age' => -1 );
$option = 1; 
header('Content-type: application/json');
if ( $option == 1 )
  echo json_encode( $data1 );
  // prints json array ["a","b","c"]
  echo json_encode( $data2 );
  // prints json object {"name":"God","age":-1}  

God's age of -1 means God doesn't exist. Just wanted to clear that out.

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Mental note: starting a reply with "For newbies" is guarantee of few votes. –  aesede Sep 30 at 17:55

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