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At the moment I'm working in a team on a play! framework app.
The next user story I have to implement needs some different file modifications, e.g. move a file to a defined directory.

Because we were working on different platforms, I'm not always really sure if the app has the right path. So I want to work with a absolute path of the app directory.

How do I get the absolute path of a play! app? Is there anywhere a method?

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"At the moment I'm working in a team on a play! framework app." Cool! –  sirmak Nov 1 '10 at 17:52

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Play has an application path property:

String projectRoot = Play.applicationPath;

This will give you the directory that Play is running from.

I think a better practice is moving the directory outside of your project install directory and placing the path to it in your application.conf as a property. You then retrieve it when needed. For example:




String projectRoot = Play.configuration.getProperty("my.file.path");
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This doesn't work on the version of Play I'm using (2.1.1). Looks like the correct way to get the application path is: String path = Play.application().path().getPath(); –  JDischler May 10 '13 at 15:35
This works for me on the Play Version 1.2.4 –  Elijah Jun 2 at 12:10

As of play 2.0: play.Play.application().path().getAbsolutePath()

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Neither of those worked on my version of play, so I used this instead: Play.current().path().getAbsolutePath()

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