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Could someone guide me how to create a withdraw fund page using PayPal...

I want to create one PHP page (interface) contains a button "Withdraw" and 2 textboxes, one for my customer paypal e-mail and the other to put the amount of money they want to withdraw. When they click the "Withdraw" button, without any redirect to the PayPal site, if POSSIBLE, my website will transfer the amount of money from their account to the client account.

I don't know what method should I use, and since there are no integration wizard yet for payment. It's become difficult for a newbie like me. Here are the important points of my problem:

  1. What's the BEST payment method to use? Adaptive, MassPay, or any others?
    (But I believe it won't be a payment pro like express checkout ;D)
  2. Could you give me the tutorial (step-by-step) how to use/make it, if any?
  3. Are there any way to achieve a payment system without a need to redirect out from my site and go to paypal first?


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See the manual here for more information PayPal Documentation

You can use api without redirecting. but you will need more than an email address to move funds.

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