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Ok, so I'm putting a list of 25 tuples, with each tuple containing 5 items, into an sqlite database. Each time I try the main code to write, I get "apsw.SQLError: SQLError: near "?": syntax error" Here's the code I'm running. Be aware that this is part of a much, much larger server project for a game, so some of the functions will be unknown to you.

def writetable(self,blockoffset,matbefore,matafter,name,date):
    if len(self.blocklist) > 25:
        self.memcursor.executemany("INSERT OR REPLACE INTO main (?,?,?,?,?)",self.blocklist)
        print("Memory Database updated")
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I believe it should be:

self.memcursor.executemany("INSERT OR REPLACE INTO main VALUES (?,?,?,?,?)",self.blocklist)
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facepalm Well, Im sorry for troubling stackoverflow with this question. Though, I wish the error message was more specific.. –  Varriount Oct 31 '10 at 23:04
you can always try to run a failing command on the sqlite3 command line, you will get better errors there I think. –  Gregor Brandt Nov 1 '10 at 14:19

You probably forgot the VALUES keyword:

  self.memcursor.executemany("INSERT OR REPLACE INTO main VALUES (?,?,?,?,?)",self.blocklist)

Have a look here for the correct syntax.

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