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Does anyone know of a complete Ajax/PHP contact form that includes error handling/form validation and requires minimum effort to setup? It must also still function in cases where JavaScript is disabled.

I'm pretty much looking for a plug and play solution (well, as close to it as possible).

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How would you make ajax communication work if javascript is disabled? – Per Hornshøj-Schierbeck Sep 25 '08 at 7:57
Sorry, my question was poorly worded. Obviously Ajax isn't possible if JavaScript is disabled. But any contact form that's based around JavaScript needs a full back plan in case JavaScript is disabled. So perhaps if JavaScript is disabled then you revert to a pure PHP contact form or something along those lines. – Rowan Aug 21 '09 at 1:56
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This one is a few years old, but should work fine.

Personally, I'd recommend taking a look at the jQuery Form Plug-in. It's not plug and play, but it's well tested and easy to build on top of.

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Thanks for the suggestion. That was my fear, no real plug and play solutions. None of the options I've looked at really compare with this contact form for Wordpress.

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There's no AJAX in that contact form for Wordpress. It's basically just posting to the server and giving you a big error page if anything went wrong with your submission.

Something like that is so easy you won't really find a de facto standard. There is even pages where you can select the options (on a form, of course!) and it'll give you all the code you need to make it work. See:

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Have you looked at cforms or intouch?

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It'll take some setting up, but the Zend Framework + Dojo provides almost all the functionality you require:


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