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I'm just wondering if anyone has implemented hyperlinks in grids. I got a grid with several columns i.e. Customers, Products, Contacts, Invoice etc etc. And I want to pop up a screen depends on which cell it clicked on. I don't want to simply trap on the OnCellClick event but only when text is clicked, like a url\hyperlink. Same with hovering, I'd like the cursor to change only when the mouse is on top of the text. Any suggestion how to do this ?

Thanks !

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what grid are you using? –  Charles Faiga Nov 1 '10 at 4:30

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The answer is yes, it has been done. For example TMS Software do a grid that can have HTML cell content, including link elements, and there are probably plenty of others. It depends on whether you want to spend money on a component, or try to build it yourself.

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