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I am looking for a in-built String split function in Hive? E.g. if String is


then I want to have a function like array split(string input, char delimiter)

so that I get back [A,B,C,D,E].

Does such a in-built split function exist in Hive. I can only see regexp_extract and regexp_replace. I would love to see a indexOf() and split() string functions.



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There does exist a split function based on regular expressions. It's not listed in the tutorial, but it is listed on the language manual on the wiki:

split(string str, string pat)
   Split str around pat (pat is a regular expression) 

In your case, the delimiter "|" has a special meaning as a regular expression, so it should be referred to as "\\|".

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and what with semicolon? When I use '\\;' hive see here EOF... –  herder Jan 15 at 12:42

Another interesting usecase for split in hive is when for example a column "ipname" in the table has a value "abc11.def.ghft.com" and u want to pull abc11 out

SELECT split(ipname,'[.]')[0] FROM tablename

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is the split can use in GROUP BY like select split(area,'[_]')[0],isp,pc_mobile,device,count(userip) from usemap_without_ptime ORDER BY split(area,'[_]')[0],isp,pc_mobile,device –  timger Dec 21 '12 at 8:19
Actually you have to put the pattern in a regex. should be SELECT split(ipname,'\\.')[0] FROM tablename –  Marlio Oct 20 '14 at 7:22

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