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how can I select multiple files to upload like Facebook or Gmail or Flickr?

<button>Upload files</button>

When you press the Upload files button, the OpenDialogBox appears, and you select multiple files using CTRL KEY... then press open and the upload begins...


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Right click on the attach link in gmail and you will see your evil friend flash.

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This example will not begin the upload before you submit the form, but I will throw it in the mix in case you would just like to upload multiple files with one form submit (using jQuery).

I have used "uploadify" with good results, if you are looking for a Flash script (Be forewarned, Flash does not deal with Session variables).

I like to use the jQuery clone() function. It keeps things simple.

This in your form:

<div id="Uploadcontainer">
   <input type="file" name="uploadfiles[]" class="uploadfile" />
<a id="extraUpload" href="#">Add another field</a>

And this for the jQuery:

      $("#extraUpload").click(function () {
       return false;

When the link with the id extraUpload (#extraUpload) is clicked, the last element in the Document Object Model (DOM, or the last element on "the html page") with the class of uploadfile (.uploadfile:last) is duplicated with clone()... and added to the end of the div #Uploadcontainer with appendTo()... then, the value of the input field that was added is made blank using val() without any value.

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