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I need to create a comma-separated file using ruby. The data are coming from a MySQL database.

So an example file would look like:

userid, username, firstname, lastname, tags
2343,blankman, blank, man, "hello world tags-here"
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There is a standard CSV library:


or FasterCSV:


which you can use this way:

csv_string = FasterCSV.generate do |csv|
  csv << ["row", "of", "CSV", "data"]
  csv << ["another", "row"]
  # ...


csv_string = FasterCSV.generate do |csv|
  my_array.each do |item|
    csv << [item['name'], item['phone_number']]
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You can also simply output the data from the database into a CSV file directly with something like this:

find_by_sql(["SELECT userid, username, firstname, lastname, tags FROM blankman_table INTO OUTFILE ? FIELDS TERMINATED BY \',\' LINES TERMINATED BY \'\\n\'", filename])

Not very sexy, but I've found the MySQL CSV generation is a lot faster than Ruby's FasterCSV library.

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Assuming rows is an array of arrays:

require 'csv'

comma_separated = CSV.generate {|csv| rows.each {|row| csv << row}}
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