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I have two variables that I'm getting from shader in opengl. I do something like this.

    vLoc = glGetAttribLocation(progId,"vPosition");
    nLoc = glGetAttribLocation(progId,"vNormal");

matViewLoc = glGetUniformLocation(progId,"matView");
matProjLoc = glGetUniformLocation(progId,"matProj");
matTranslateLoc = glGetUniformLocation(progId,"matTranslate");

vLoc and projLoc return the same location. Would anybody know why? Thanks!

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The space for uniform locations and attribute locations is different, so you can have same IDs, but they refer to different objects.

You can't pass a attribute location to a glUniform function or a uniform location to a attrib function.

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did you bind the attrib location when you created the shader program using glBindAttribLocation?

You need something like this:

glBindAttribLocation(progId, 0, "vPosition");
glBindAttribLocation(progId, 1, "vNormal");
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No I never did in any of my other programs and they all worked. I put it right after vLoc and nLoc but still nothing. –  ranzy Nov 1 '10 at 3:18

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