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I am starting out with Ruby/programming. I am trying to find out how to run a ruby script(method) every hour on the hour and to have it quit upon key pressed. I have been trying to loop but it seems to run many times during the same second. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction.

Thanks. Dan

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Try Ruby Whenever gem.

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The function you want is sleep

A better idea might be to have your script complete rather than loop, and write its output to a file you can check later rather than pressing a key to close. Then launch the script hourly using crontab.

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Well, there's a few things to consider, you'll have to sleep and you'll have to accept a keypress immediately to stop. So you'll probably want two threads, one that loops looking for key presses and the other than sleeps and actually performs the action every hour.

I'm a bit of a ruby n00b, so that's what you need conceptually (two threads, one using sleep) but if you need implementation details I'll have to do some research.

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Please used Daemons gem.

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