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i have three functions which are returning an IEnumerable collection. now i want to combine all these into one List. so, is there any method by which i can append items from IEnumerable to a list. i mean without for each loop?

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Well, something will have to loop... but in LINQ you could easily use the Concat and ToList extension methods:

var bigList = list1.Concat(list2).Concat(list3).ToList();

Note that this will create a new list rather than appending items to an existing list. If you want to add them to an existing list, List<T>.AddRange is probably what you're after:

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If you already have a list:


If you have 2 enumerables and haven't created the list yet:

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i got the answer from stackoverflow's one question itself here is the link http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1825568/append-a-lists-contents-to-another-list-c

thanks to ppl who answered this question

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