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hi guys i am an infant for image processing technique in java , i have decided to develop one project in image processing so i need what are the algorithms are followed and also which one is easier to develop please some one guide me it may be great for me.....and also which technology is best for image processing java or Matlab? guide me...

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Algorithm for Image segmentation depends upon what type of output you want after segmentation. Each algorithm performs a different segmentation. I think the region growing or Flood Fill is good for this purpose. You can use Java/JAI and JavaCV for this Image processing tasks.

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For image segmentation in JAVA you can also consider to use open-source IMMI tool ( In comparison to Matlab, it is (in my opinion) more simple to use and simply enables also image mining.

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You can use the Java Advanced Imaging (JAI) Library to do image processing in java. You have to decide for yourself whether Java or MATLAB is better for you.

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MATLAB is better for image processing. And the best way is to find special image processing tools (or libraries).

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