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I am trying to use hobocopy to do a copy from X to Y. I do not want a couple of the folders to come across so I thought the /ignorepattern param would be fine to use. It works fine like so:

HoboCopy.exe /full /statefile=C:\scripts\test.dat /y /r C:\GIT\Apache \\\backups\websites\testcopy /ignorepattern=repositories

In this case it will not copy the "repositories" folder. But if I want to ignore two or more folders I need to use a regex (as I understand it) to skip them:

HoboCopy.exe /full /statefile=C:\scripts\test.dat /y /r C:\GIT\Apache \\\backups\websites\testcopy /ignorepattern=repositories|temp-repo

The problem is it thinks the "|" is not part of the regex and I get the following error:

'temp-repo' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

If I quote the regex pattern then it just copies all the folders across.

I am using hobocopy because it is good for shadow copies and I do not want various copying programs on the machine if I can just use the one across all tasks.


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didn't find a solution to this. found very little online about it. Ended up using hobocopy to take to a temp folder to ensure locks are ok. Then robocopy to do the correct copy. – Jon Nov 3 '10 at 14:33

The shell escape character in Windows is ^. So you could try something like this:

HoboCopy.exe /ignorepattern=repositories^|temp-repo /full /statefile=C:\scripts\test.dat /y /r C:\GIT\Apache \\\backups\websites\testcopy 
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