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There's some debate in the office as to when left, right and double click should be used in a gui, and since there seems to be very little information online, I thought it would be an idea to get developers opinions on stack overflow :)

What are the intuitive actions for these events? Here's my attempt:

Single left click

  • Often used for the most common action of a component.
  • Selecting components/buttons
  • Component is usually highlighted/cursor changed onMouseOver to show the possibility of interaction.
  • Rarely used for a menu.
  • Most common mistakenly hit button.. shouldn't be used if mistakes have bad consequences

Single right click

  • Menu (should have at least 2 items)

Double left click

  • Opening dialog
  • changing modes of selection - basic/advanced, select/rotate/skew, etc

Double right click

  • Never..
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It's all about KISS

Keep It Stupid and Simple

Don't "invent" something that the user needs to re-learn it, play around with what the user already knows.

in a Web App, user knows how clicks behave and it's rare to have a context-menu (only the default browser, that sometimes they can use to verify an image, print, etc)

so, I would point that all options in a context-menu should be in plain sight.

on a Windows App, users know that the context-menu is different form app to app and they then to use it as it keeps the most used functions.

Remember that all context menu options should be available in the Menu as well.

As you can see, for clicks, just use left in a web environment, or left and right in a windows environment.

Keep also in mind that many users don't use 3 buttons mouse

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Actually it's "Keep it simple, stupid!" – demoncodemonkey Nov 1 '10 at 11:25
"Keep also in mind that many users don't use 3 buttons mouse" I am led to believe that Apple computers only have one mouse button and no wheel >;-) – smirkingman Nov 1 '10 at 11:33
@smirkingman I prefer to use scrolling on my mac as 2 fingers scroll == scrolling :D it's so... simple :) @demoncodemonkey can be so much things as well ;) – balexandre Nov 1 '10 at 12:15

It clearly depends on the application that you are building. Every OS has it's own look-and-feel (we are on the feel side here) and what is common on that OS is mainly used on the applications for that OS. However, there are vendors that depart from the OS-feel and do something 'better' (quotes here because better is questionable in this context).

One thing to be concerned about is if you application is targeted to be something that user will use 90% of the time on VARIOUS OS-es, like Photoshop (tm) for example. Then - you can design your own methodology and stick to it, no matter what the OS user expects under it.

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Sorry but I don't think this kind of open-ended question has any value. You should be more specific. You could be here for days listing every case where you left/right/double-click something in a GUI... it depends on the context.

Do you have an actual problem you need to solve?

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I tend to disagree with your statement that you could be here all day listing every case - there may be application specific functionality e.g. start's and stops an animation - this should be generalised. – James Nov 1 '10 at 10:56

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