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Apologies if my question is noob. I'm running Django 1.2 with pgsql 8.4 and I'm required to run a Java program after getting the inputs from the user, does some calculations and return the results back to the user.

May I know what is the best way to pass data between the Java and Python Django, such that the above scenario are taken care of? I heard of Jython, but according to the Django docs, it requires the extension jython-Django, but currently it doesn't support django 1.2.x. Should I pass the data using stdout?

thanks people for hearing me out.

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Use subprocess and run the Java program as a simple subprocess. It's very, very simple and reasonably fast.

If you need to do something more scalable, you should look at creating a glassfish server with your Java code so your Python can make web services requests to the Java. This is more scalable, but also more work.

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@Lott, thanks for your suggestions. With respect to subprocess, how do i return the computed results back to Python? –  goh Nov 1 '10 at 10:34
@goh: The communication channels are limited only by your imagination. Start with files. Plain old files. Django writes a file, your Java app reads the file and writes a new file. You can use pipes. You can probably search google for "Interprocess Communication" and find a half-dozen other ways two processes can communicate. Your operating system API's include several mechanisms other than files and pipes. –  S.Lott Nov 1 '10 at 11:00

If all you are doing is calling Java for some calculations, then subprocess is the easiest way, but I just wanted to throw another option out there.

JPype is a package that lets you run a JVM inside your Python program while calling the Java code as if it were Python (example).

That is, it's like Jython in that you call Java code directly and like subprocess in that you are actually running CPython. Consider JPype if for some reason the Java code is not easy to call from a shell script (aka, subprocess) or if a lot of two-way communication is necessary.

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