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For one specific case I would like to render the form as a part of (for in-place editing). Is there a way in formtastic to disable the layout generated by .inputs / .buttons? Instead a

<fieldset> <ol> <li> 

i would like simply to wrap the fields in the


Is there a build-in way or any solution to this problem?

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There's no built in way (yet) in Formtastic to change the mark-up. Either use CSS to tweak the ample mark-up hooks in place, or ditch Formtastic for this form and code your own way (like we used to).

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I found a fork of formtastic with this kind of functionality, but in the end I think theres absolutely no need to use it. Doing one or two form is standard way doesn't hurt that much anyway. :-) –  mdrozdziel Nov 3 '10 at 5:28
@justin-french does recent versions of Formtastic still lack mentioned functionality? –  gmile May 12 '11 at 10:24
@gmile Formtastic 2 (unreleased master branch on Github) has the ground work in place for customising the markup by overriding small methods in the code. The intent was to allow for small tweaks, but I supposed it could ambitiously be used to use tables instead of lists or divs or whatever. What you're asking for is obviously ridiculously complex. –  Justin French May 23 '11 at 7:47
I @gmile I posted a quick introduction to the new customisable inputs on my blog. Beyond that, you'd have to go code diving. justinfrench.com/notebook/formtastic-2-preview-custom-inputs –  Justin French May 23 '11 at 7:49
Perhaps best would be to remove all formatting not related to the actual control. No LI, or TD.. Leave those to us to add, it could be a flag to just turn it off. –  baash05 Jan 30 '13 at 4:32

It's not yet supported, however you can use forked formtastic version: https://github.com/linoj/formtastic

More details at: http://www.vaporbase.com/postings/Replaceable_render_engines_for_Formtastic

Read on the formtastic forum that it might be even merge to origin someday.

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In rails you can overrite the functions that define the tags that are used to render elements:


# change required fields advice tag (abbr -> span)
Formtastic::FormBuilder.required_string =
proc { Formtastic::Util.html_safe(%{<span title="#{Formtastic::I18n.t(:required)}">*</span>}) }

module Formtastic
  module Helpers
    # change field wrapper (ol -> div)
    module FieldsetWrapper
      def field_set_and_list_wrapping(*args, &block) #:nodoc:
        contents = args.last.is_a?(::Hash) ? '' : args.pop.flatten
        html_options = args.extract_options!

        if block_given?
          contents = if template.respond_to?(:is_haml?) && template.is_haml?

        contents = contents.join if contents.respond_to?(:join)

        legend = field_set_legend(html_options)
          fieldset = template.content_tag(:fieldset,
          Formtastic::Util.html_safe(legend) << template.content_tag(:div, Formtastic::Util.html_safe(contents)),
          html_options.except(:builder, :parent, :name)


  module Inputs
    module Base
      # change input wrapper tag (li.default_clases -> div.large-12.columns inside div.row)
      module Wrapping
        def input_wrapping(&block)
          def super_wrapper_html_options
            {:class => 'row'}

          new_class = [wrapper_html_options[:class], "large-12 columns"].compact.join(" ")

              [template.capture(&block), error_html, hint_html].join("\n").html_safe,
              wrapper_html_options.merge(:class => new_class)),

I use this code to integrate Formtastic 3 with Foundation 5.4.5

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I wrapped my call to the formtastic bit (in my haml file) in a string and then subbed out the

= "#{f.input ...}".gsub('<li class=', '<fart class=').html_safe #remove the li to align this input with the other text in the table. 

It's a might bit easier than re-writing the form without formtastic, and it worked perfectly.

Admittedly it's a not an ideal solution. For a one off though... I can live with it.

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you could use <td> instead of <fart>. Though who could argue with the fact that farts are much funnier than td. –  baash05 Nov 30 '12 at 1:04
Why the downvote? it worked? –  baash05 Feb 24 '13 at 22:56

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