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I use git clone from github and I deleted some files & modified some files. Now I want to keep my local code & restore to the original form. Is there a command to achieve this?

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If you want to save you changes first, you can commit them before and then checkout you code to previous commit(s): git checkout HEAD^ (one commit back) git checkout GEAD~2 (2 commits back)

Or, if you don't need your changes anymore, run git reset --hard HEAD

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git checkout <name of file>

If you want to check out the whole repository, then from the root directory use

git checkout .

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This didnt work for me. for some unknown reason, it says a swf file I haven't changed is modified, and lists it as a change to be committed. I tried doing "git checkout path/filename.swf", which it does with no errors, then when I do git status, it still lists the file as locally modified. Any ideas?. If this was SVN, I would simply delete the file, and do another checkout which would bring down the latest version. I cant find a way to do this with git. –  John Little Feb 20 '14 at 22:00

git reset --hard

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You can remove local changes by this command

git clean -f

and pull changes by:

git pull
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