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I have JavaScript that outputs links (search results) but I'm having problems adding onclick in the anchor tag

var str = "<a href='#bokvisning' onclick='javascript:$(#bokvisning_content).load('""')'>" + item.title + "</a>";

It outputs this, wich is wrong:

<a href="#bokvisning" onclick="javascript:$(#bokvisning_content).load(" http:="""" node="" link')'="">Title</a>`

Is it possible? What other options do I have?

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The quick fix is the quotes, like this:

var str = "<a href='#bokvisning' onclick='javascript:$(\'#bokvisning_content\').load(\'""\')'>" + item.title + "</a>";

It would be better to add the click handler unobtrusively though, like this:

var anchor = $("<a/>", {href:'#bokvisning', text:item.title}).click(function() {
//or for older jQuery versions (<1.4):
var anchor = $("<a href='#bokvisning'></a>").text(item.title).click(function() {

Then append that to whatever element you're currently putting the string in.

Note: The second option above assumes jQuery is an option because your onclick is using it.

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+1 for always using DOM-like methods instead of unreliable and insecure HTML string-slinging—especially for event handlers, where you have multiple nested escaping contexts. However there is still an HTML injection hole here (potential XSS, if item.title is user-supplied). I suggest using the $('<a href="#bokvisning">', {text: item.title})... shortcut to avoid this. – bobince Nov 1 '10 at 13:11
@bobince - Good call, updated, though slightly differently, having attributes in the html string and the properties object throws an error, though it really should be handled. – Nick Craver Nov 1 '10 at 13:27
Oh! You're right, it's taking the html, document overload instead of html, props. I'd never noticed this, as I've always set every attribute from props like in your example. Oh dear! I wish jQuery didn't try to shoehorn everything into one $() property, this kind of value-level overloading is crazy! – bobince Nov 1 '10 at 13:58

You have to properly escape the quotes:

var str = "<a href='#bokvisning' onclick='javascript:$(#bokvisning_content).load(&#39;""&#39;)'>" + item.title + "</a>"; 

I've replaced two apostrophes with &#39; inside your string.

Also, don't you mean $('#bokvisning_content').load ..., which would give us:

var str = "<a href='#bokvisning' onclick='javascript:$(&#39;#bokvisning_content&#39;).load(&#39;""&#39;)'>" + item.title + "</a>"; 

All in all, using @Nick Craver's solution to untangle the multiple layers of quoting might be best.

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