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'Customer'=>array('PersonName'=>array('GivenName'=>'Ryan','Surname'=>'Trayers'),'Telephone'=>array('PhoneTechType'=>'1','CountryAccessCode'=>'1','AreaCityCode'=>'206','PhoneNumber'=>'8320246'),'Email'=>array('DefaultInd'=>true),)))) )),

This is my sample array in this i want to put or assign value of email like <email>example@test.com</email>, How can i assign that. i am using nusoap web service i pass array as argument in soap client.

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 'PersonName'=> array('GivenName'=>'Ryan','Surname'=>'Trayers'),

assigment: $param['Email'] ='test@example.com';

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but when i am assign directly than nusoap gives me "Error: wsdl error: phpType is struct, but value is not an array: see debug output for details" –  Tushar Nov 1 '10 at 13:06

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