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I'm making an NSDocument-based application in which I have an inspector window. This inspector window is part of Pwnshop.nib which is my main nib. I have another nib called 'Document.nib,' which is the document window. I want to be able to change the inspector based on which document window is the active one, sorta like Interface Builder's inspector. The problem is that I want to access an object in another nib. Note that there are multiple document windows, but only one inspector window.

Could anyone help me?

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This is essentially the same question as found here. The answer is the same, too. You need to read the documentation and learn about Communicating with Objects and plan your architecture so that you get get to some universally-reachable controller (eg [[NSApp delegate] myInspectorController]) from your NSDocument instances.

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I can recommend both this and this article (both from Cocoa with Love) for a fundamental lesson in how to structure a Cocoa project. They will answer all of your questions and get you started on a path to building applications the right way.

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