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I've always been using RelativeLayout everytime I needed a View container, because of it's flexibility, even if I just wanted to display something really simple.

Is it ok to do so, or should I try using a LinearLayout when I can, from a performance/good practices standpoint?


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Unless you're laying out lots of Views (e.g. in a ListView), the performance of choosing between LinearLayout or RelativeLayout is negligible. Pick whichever is most convenient to use for the job, and worry about performance only when you need to.

And here's what the official docs about Creating Efficient Layouts says about performance of RelativeLayout and LinearLayout:

Sticking to the basic features is unfortunately not the most efficient way to create user interfaces. A common example is the abuse of LinearLayout, which leads to a proliferation of views in the view hierarchy. Every view — or worse, every layout manager — that you add to your application comes at a cost: initialization, layout and drawing become slower. The layout pass can be especially expensive when you nest several LinearLayout that use the weight parameter, which requires the child to be measured twice.

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the justification to it being negligible ? i found this which states relativeLayout costs more just as i suspected bitbucket.org/spencerelliott/mercury/issue/1/… –  max4ever Jul 26 '12 at 9:00
Just avoid adding Inner containers. –  Luis Alberto Feb 21 at 3:41

You can try

       <ViewPager/><!--Loading images from net, it is very good as a testing case.-->
       <TextView/> <!--Show some info about page-->

       <ViewPager/><!--Loading images from net, it is very good as a testing case.-->
       <ViewPagerIndicator below="id of ViewPager"/>
       <TextView below="id of ViewPagerIndicator"/> <!--Show some info about page-->

You will find that there're a lot of different, if your Pages loading some images from internet. In this case the LinearLayout is 100% better than RelativeLayout ever.

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Have you written an article with source code to prove this? –  OrhanC1 Apr 9 at 8:05

In a talk at Google I/O 2013 (Writing Custom Views for Android), Romain Guy clarified the misunderstanding that caused everyone to start using RelativeLayouts for everything. A RelativeLayout always has to do two measure passes. Overall it is negligible as long as your view hierarchy is simple. But if your hierarchy is complex, doing an extra measure pass could potentially be fairly costly. Also if you nest RelativeLayouts, you get an exponential measurement algorithm.




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Premature optimization is the root of all evil. Ok, it isn't, but what happens when your prematurely optimize is you waste a lot of time on things that have negligible performance improvement. Only optimize after you identify pieces of your code that are slow down the performance/battery life/etc. of your application.

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