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I am creating rdlc report and i have issue that i got some bool type object fields and now i have to show checkboxes. but there is nothing i found for this solution to show checkboxes in table.

Is there anyone who know that how i can implement that thing?

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Maybe you can put image there, depend on true or false, just display different pic. LOL

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Finally I got solution here is the link download the project and run it.


i have developed class and then used list to set bool variable true/false. while on other hand i used image control in rdlc report To set image.

You just need to set image path which are already in image folder.


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I believe the file is removed from website. :/ –  Emaad Ali Nov 6 at 15:00

If checkbox is true I set Chr(254) else show unchecked checkbox using Chr(168).

Chr(254): This is decimal value for Wingdings character 254 its shows like checked check box image. Chr(168): This is decimal value for Wingdings character 168 its shows like rectangle box like unchecked check box image.

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