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I have a CrystalReports XI Developer Full Product (Release 1) license and found out recently that it has a limitation on the number of concurrent requests it can process.

The SAP website isn't very useful and I could not find a list of products/features/limitations/cost that I could consult for more details.

Does someone know what are the upgrading options in order not to be limited anymore to three simultaneous requests?

Thank you!

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The programming answer to the question is: set the PrintJobLimit in the registry to a number larger than 3. – robertc Mar 21 at 11:35
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I suggest that you contact your local Crystal Reports salesman and ask.

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What you're looking for is called concurrent processing licensing. I can't seem to find specific information for CR XI release 1, but this article may be helpful:

Crystal Reports XI Release 2 - Component Licensing Explained

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Thanks for your answer. I found the document you posted useful, but do you know of any list of licenses/products that I could upgrade to (the SAP site isn't very useful :( ) – Gabriela Nov 1 '10 at 20:34
Ring up the salesman! – Stephen C Nov 5 '10 at 6:58

If your needs are small, Crystal Reports Server will run you $2500 or so per 5 users. You can get this from CDW and the likes.

If you have huge "enterprise" reporting needs, you'll need the Crystal Enterprise product which will run you $100k to $1M plus.

If you want an alternate solution to run Crystal Reports on the web with no user limitation, check out Report Runner Web Portal:

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