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Ok, so i don't know alot of flash, i wanted to use a custom skin such as the one used here;

i have a custom skin that i've downloaded free from somewhere, however there is only a .swf and no readme.

How do i use the .swf (custom flv player) with my youtube videos ?

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Could you give a link to the skin download, so we know what skin you are using? – user142019 Nov 1 '10 at 14:07
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If you are not familiar with Flash, you can create fantastic video players only with flashQuery, because it based on HTML, CSS, Images and JavaScript.

Here it is:

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You can try this flv player. It can download youtube videos and play them for you. You can also save them on your HD if you like.

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here's an open source player

Code are available to use your custom skin and more amazing features!

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