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I've a list of checkboxes that get rendered out using javascript.

<input type="checkbox" name="sportType"  id="sportType11" value="11" />Golf
<input type="checkbox" name="sportType"  id="sportType12" value="12" />Tennis
<input type="checkbox" name="sportType"  id="sportType13" value="13" />Football
<input type="checkbox" name="sportType"  id="sportType14" value="14" />Cricket

On submitting the form I can pickup the selected values in ASP.NET by using:


In firefox this works and returns something like 11,12,13,14 (Assuming all are checked)

In IE however it returns on,on,on,on

Has anyone encountered this before and hopefully solved it?


Having dug a little deeper I've discoved that in IE Jquery render the input box like so:

<input propdescname="sportType" id="sportType11" type="checkbox" jQuery1288622120804="10" value="on"/>

Which give explains the on,on,on value thats been retured? Can anyone shed any light on how to correct this, I assume jquery does this so it can consistantly keep track of selected checkboxes.



Solved, kind of


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Try changing the name to name="sportType[]" and see what happens, what I would do in PHP at least.

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Thanks for your input, it doesnt work I'm affraid. I've just discoved it seems to be a jquery error rather than an IE specific. –  Mantisimo Nov 1 '10 at 14:38
That naming convention is very PHP specific, I don't know any other language that does it that way. –  Quentin Nov 1 '10 at 19:06

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